Paint protective film

The solar radiation affects not only the drivers and windows in your vehicles; the most exposed part is the paint. If this is added to the salt, rocks and other debris of the road that may spoil your cars it results imperative to give it a protective film to extend the life of key parts as the windshield and, of course, the look of your car.

With the self-healing coating and its scratch and crack resisting properties, you will give your car the best protective invisible film.


  • Preserving paint
  • Helps to protect the surface of the vehicle
  • Helps to maintain your car’s appearance
  • Helps to protect the surface of the vehicle from external agents.
  • Enhances the paint on the car by giving it shiny and polished looks.

We use the best products on the market that only offers us:

  • Clearshield Pro
  • Clearshield Pro
  • PPF ULTRA – Paint Protection Ultra
  • PPF M – Paint Protection Matte